Sunday 20 October 2013

I love London: Architecture

One of the things I love most about london is the fearless contrast of old, and new architecture and design. The Shard is one of the newest additions to London's skyline, towering over London Bridge Station- the view looking up from underneath always makes me feel so dizzy! Read about it's history here...

Below: The view from London bridge looking East towards Tower Bridge.

The great court at the British Museum is such a beautiful example of how new architecture can work so perfectly with the old. The incredible glass and steel roof was Designed by Foster and Partners, transforming the old Courtyard into a bright beautiful and practical indoor space, enabling visitors to move freely around the ground floor while staying warm and dry (very important in London!)

30 St. Mary Axe, or 'The Gherkin' as it is more fondly known, is my favourite new building in the City of London! It was also designed by Foster and Partners, and stands out like a sculpture in the middle of the masses of grey office buildings. I love the way the glass looks so clean (it must be a pretty cool job to work as a window cleaner for that building- imagine the view!!) I think it looks so great towering over the old buildings, proving that old and new together can be stunning!

The view standing underneath the Gherkin- reflection of the sky.

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